sunday currently #04

Guess what? It's finally February! What a crazy January we had. It felt like a year had already gone by. Anyway, it's February! I want to put a stop in these series of unfortunate events if I could but for now I can only hope and pray and continue living. Currently Reading Mythology: Timeless Takes… Continue reading sunday currently #04

sunday currently #04

It's the first Sunday of the new year and the new decade. What's good? Currently Reading What We See in the Stars by Kelsey Oseid. I have been eyeing this illustrated book for so long. I have always had this feeling that purchasing this would be too much of a splurge so I have always… Continue reading sunday currently #04

sunday currently #03

November flew by! So much has happened. And I will try to fill you in about the things I experienced last month in the next few posts. I am even drafting one already. But first, let me tell you about my Sunday Currently. This will be really short but I hope you'll enjoy reading this.… Continue reading sunday currently #03

sunday currently #02

So another month has begun. I just wasted four days doing nothing except reading mangas and manhwas. I think I need intervention already. Anyway, let's dive into my second sunday currently. Shall we? Currently Reading Unintentional Love Story manhwa. It's cute but I'm already anxious because of the premise of the story. There will be… Continue reading sunday currently #02