The Book of Us: The Demon by DAY6

Eleven months after being a MyDay and we are now on my third comeback with DAY6. This is the first time that I actually felt so involved. I was a silent and passive MyDay before. But this time I decided to support them pretty actively. Ah! So many things happened prior to their comeback. It… Continue reading The Book of Us: The Demon by DAY6

My Top 5 The Rose Songs

I missed my Music Monday again but make way for my Top 5 The Rose songs. If you haven't heard of The Rose yet, don't worry it's not too late. So please allow me to introduce you to this talented Korean rock band. The Rose is comprised of four band members: Woosung (guitar and main… Continue reading My Top 5 The Rose Songs

music monday | this christmas by oh wonder

Our family have always been big about Christmas. We have an annual reunion and it's always one of my favorite events every year. One time I wrote about it in my old blog. Some blogger friends messaged me how happy they are for me because I get to enjoy Christmas with my family because for… Continue reading music monday | this christmas by oh wonder

my top 6 DAY6 songs

So I missed my Music Monday series but don't fret because I have written this longer post with five more song suggestions. Okay. To be honest, my favorite DAY6 songs changes every few days. They have a whole wide range of discography and they seriously do not have any bad song/s so you will never… Continue reading my top 6 DAY6 songs

music monday | end of a day by jonghyun

The piano. Jonghyun's voice. The lyrics. This song has a very special place in my heart. I can't count the times I have shed tears while listening to this song. It is very sincere. It is very heartfelt. It is brimming with feelings of longing. Of wanting to have someone to hold at the end… Continue reading music monday | end of a day by jonghyun

music monday | turning up by arashi

Ah! I don't know how to start but aaaaaaahhhh! ARASHI! Yesterday, they released this new single called Turning Up and premiered it on their YouTube channel. Yes! You're reading that right. They premiered it on their YouTube channel. Crazy, right? Who would have thought that we'd get to see the day when their music video… Continue reading music monday | turning up by arashi

music monday | finale by day6

So this is a single that was recently released by DAY6 and it is in Japanese. I was not aware of this song being released because, I guess I was too focused on their album released the day before. I was actually lining yesterday to buy tickets to their concert when Spotify recommended it to… Continue reading music monday | finale by day6

music monday | kiss me slowly by parachute

Ah! Time for another music suggestion. It feels like I go quickly through the week because I can't write anything but this. I'm like, oh it's Monay again. Where did the week go? Anyway... The song suggestion this time is this sweet and lovely piece by the band Parachute called Kiss Me Slowly. The first… Continue reading music monday | kiss me slowly by parachute