The Book of Us: The Demon by DAY6

Eleven months after being a MyDay and we are now on my third comeback with DAY6. This is the first time that I actually felt so involved. I was a silent and passive MyDay before. But this time I decided to support them pretty actively. Ah! So many things happened prior to their comeback. It… Continue reading The Book of Us: The Demon by DAY6

The Book of Us: Entropy

This is my first time to own a Korean album and it's DAY6's The Book of Us: Entropy Sweet version! I got this as an inclusion in the Royalty tickets I purchased for the DAY6 Gravity in Manila. Wow! It's been more than a month. That's definitely my favorite thing about 2019. Definitely my favorite.… Continue reading The Book of Us: Entropy

DAY6 Gravity World Tour in Manila 2019

After a little over a year, Korean band DAY6 came back to the Philippine concert stage for the second time. The first time they held a concert in Kia Theater last year, I still have no idea of their existence. I have been so out of loop of anything Korean that time. May it be… Continue reading DAY6 Gravity World Tour in Manila 2019

my top 6 DAY6 songs

So I missed my Music Monday series but don't fret because I have written this longer post with five more song suggestions. Okay. To be honest, my favorite DAY6 songs changes every few days. They have a whole wide range of discography and they seriously do not have any bad song/s so you will never… Continue reading my top 6 DAY6 songs

music monday | finale by day6

So this is a single that was recently released by DAY6 and it is in Japanese. I was not aware of this song being released because, I guess I was too focused on their album released the day before. I was actually lining yesterday to buy tickets to their concert when Spotify recommended it to… Continue reading music monday | finale by day6

music monday | tomorrow, today by jj project

This week's music suggestion is a song called Tomorrow, Today from the Korean duo JJ Project. This is a not so new song but I just recently stumbled upon this one while listening to a Stray Kids playlist on Spotify and it had an instant appeal to me. It is a song talking about the… Continue reading music monday | tomorrow, today by jj project