sunday currently #03

November flew by! So much has happened. And I will try to fill you in about the things I experienced last month in the next few posts. I am even drafting one already. But first, let me tell you about my Sunday Currently. This will be really short but I hope you'll enjoy reading this.… Continue reading sunday currently #03


My source of happiness varies from day to day. It depends on my mood. Sometimes the littlest of things can make me so giddy. Other times, I can't even find a reason to smile. Today, I was particularly giggly. My early source of happiness was waking up to the sound of my sisters binge-watching DAY6… Continue reading Happiness

sunday currently #02

So another month has begun. I just wasted four days doing nothing except reading mangas and manhwas. I think I need intervention already. Anyway, let's dive into my second sunday currently. Shall we? Currently Reading Unintentional Love Story manhwa. It's cute but I'm already anxious because of the premise of the story. There will be… Continue reading sunday currently #02


Saturday I didn't know that there is a term for the thing I have been doing since I was young but I guess you really do learn something new everyday. It's Orionids season. I was meaning to catch some meteors last night by the window of my room but the waning moon was exceptionally bright.… Continue reading moonbathing

be creative

In light of Panelo's statement about the traffic/transport crisis in the Philippines that we Filipinos should be "creative" and Marian Rivera's advice that we should just consider it as a "me-time", I decided to write this. I am a creative but I can't exactly draw or paint in the jeepney. Yes! I am taking that… Continue reading be creative