Book Thoughts | Anna and the Swallow Man

Title: Anna and the Swallow Man Author: Gavriel Savit Rating: 6.5/10 On November 6, 1939, Anna's father had to go away for a few hours. He left shortly after eleven o'clock. He did not come back again. We all know what happened during those years. And being someone who have a certain partiality to stories… Continue reading Book Thoughts | Anna and the Swallow Man

Book Thoughts | The Giver

Title: The Giver Author: Lois Lowry Rating: 7/10 Now, I wish I have read this sooner. I'm not sure but I think I would have appreciated this better had I read this when I was younger. It's a children book per se but I believe that it would have helped me a lot in appreciating… Continue reading Book Thoughts | The Giver

Book Thoughts | We Are Okay

Title: We Are Okay Author: Nina LaCour Rating: 8/10 Soooooo, someone stayed in a book store for three hours today, sitting on a couch devouring this little gem of a book. Someone also shamelessly cried while sitting on said couch and wiped her tears and snot on the sleeves of her cardigan because she had… Continue reading Book Thoughts | We Are Okay

Book Thoughts | The Universe In Bite-Sized Chunks

Title: The Universe In Bite-Sized Chunks Author: Colin Stuart Rating: 10/10 First book of the decade. Guess who cried while reading a science book? A science book! Such a weirdo. I remember experiencing a mild existential crisis when I first dived into Astronomy back in 2018. I was only learning about the solar system that… Continue reading Book Thoughts | The Universe In Bite-Sized Chunks