The Book of Us: Entropy by DAY6

Confession time. I guess you already figured it out in some of my previous posts but yeah. I’m a MyDay!

My love for DAY6 started only June of this year but my feelings are immense and real. I remember how they just used to keep on popping out on my Spotify whenever I listen to The Rose but I always skip them. But one day, I decided to let their song “Hi, Hello” play and here I am now. A hardcore MyDay.

So last October 22, DAY6 released their third regular album called The Book of Us: Entropy which is the second installment in their The Book of Us Series. I wonder why the whole science-related album names, with Gravity being the first in this series, and now Entropy. But after listening to the whole album, I do think that Entropy is a very apt title for this album. This album depicts that randomness with the different styles and sounds they created.

Ah! I am so in love with this album so how about I tell you my thoughts about each track. Ready?

1. Deep in Love

Love the grittiness and the upfrontness of the guitar in this song. Sungjin’s hoarse voice goes really well in this track. YoungK and his high notes killed me. Their harmonies in the chorus is so good. Ah! This would be so fun to sing along to in a concert.

2. Sweet Chaos

Another anime opening worthy track. This is their album title track and ugh. It’s so good. I seriously love the drums in this one. Such a banger. And that bass line. This track really slaps. Just check out this music video.


Whoa. This sounds VERY different. Very trippy. And playful. And cute. And experimental. I enjoyed this one very much. I can’t explain the emotions I felt in this song but just know that I feel so high whenever I listen to this. Haha. I mentioned it before while I was gushing about this song in my IG stories but this actually reminds me of me of SHINee. I feel like this quirkiness can only be delivered well by DAY6 and SHINee.

4. Rescue Me

That heavy guitar intro. Another very gritty one. The first “rescue me, baby” by Sungjin made me clamp my hand over my mouth. It was followed by another “rescue me, baby ah yeaaaah” this time by Jae, and it made me so soft that I felt my neck disappear into my shoulders. This song is in my top three favorites from this album.

5. 365247

That “a-ha” moment when you realized what 365247 meant. Hahaha. The chorus got me dancing. It’s got a summer-y vibe. And Oh My God! I was lying on my bed when I first listened to the album and when I heard DOWOON’s part, I sat bolt upright that it made my head spin. Letting Do Woon sing is always a good idea.

6. About Now

While I was listening to the album sampler, this song was an instant favorite of mine. And when I finally listen to it. I just fell even more in love. Ah! So smooth! It has an old song vibe. Relaxing to listen to. And their voices are so gentle in this song. Wonpil sounded so good in here.


Capslock for intensity. It took me by surprise again. From the title with all its capital letters, I thought this song would either sound very sad or very angry. But it was neither. Very vibey Latino sounds. My body just started moving along while listening to this. That conga was a nice touch too.

And I know everyone have been saying this but I truly thought that YoungK said “you’re my banana-nana“. Lol!

8. Not Fine

This is the song which just sounds very DAY6 but at the same time does not sound like them at all. This song! It keeps on fleeting from my top favorite and second favorite. It there is such a thing as favorite song wrecker. This would be it. The chorus gives me so many feels. It makes me want to cry.

9. Stop Talking

There’s something about YoungK’s enunciation of words in his rap part. Anyway, the chorus of this track was not how I expected this song to go to but I love it. Wonpil’s and Jae’s bright voices stood out to me in this song. But I also love Sungjins voice. And that guitar solo which I guess is Jae. Wew!

10. Not Mine

This song has strings in it! And I love it! And damn that intro by Wonpil. This song sometimes creeps its way into my top three favorites in this album. I swear it’s hard to pick favorites. The bass in this track is good too.

11. Like a flowing wind

When Wonpil’s voice came I just literally said, “Aaah, sh*t!” Everyone’s voice sounded so good in this track. They sound so gentle. And vulnerable. It made me cry for some reason. Perfect song to end the album. I immediately put this song on repeat after I first listened to it. It’s still giving me so much feels whenever I listen to it.

When they say Trust and Listen to DAY6 you really should just trust and listen to them. You won’t be disappointed. God! I will be seeing them in two weeks. Can’t wait to bang my head, have the time of my life and experience the what I know would be the best part of my 2019. See you soon DAY6.

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