DAY6 Gravity World Tour in Manila 2019

After a little over a year, Korean band DAY6 came back to the Philippine concert stage for the second time. The first time they held a concert in Kia Theater last year, I still have no idea of their existence. I have been so out of loop of anything Korean that time. May it be… Continue reading DAY6 Gravity World Tour in Manila 2019

music monday | this christmas by oh wonder

Our family have always been big about Christmas. We have an annual reunion and it's always one of my favorite events every year. One time I wrote about it in my old blog. Some blogger friends messaged me how happy they are for me because I get to enjoy Christmas with my family because for… Continue reading music monday | this christmas by oh wonder

sunday currently #03

November flew by! So much has happened. And I will try to fill you in about the things I experienced last month in the next few posts. I am even drafting one already. But first, let me tell you about my Sunday Currently. This will be really short but I hope you'll enjoy reading this.… Continue reading sunday currently #03

my top 6 DAY6 songs

So I missed my Music Monday series but don't fret because I have written this longer post with five more song suggestions. Okay. To be honest, my favorite DAY6 songs changes every few days. They have a whole wide range of discography and they seriously do not have any bad song/s so you will never… Continue reading my top 6 DAY6 songs

music monday | end of a day by jonghyun

The piano. Jonghyun's voice. The lyrics. This song has a very special place in my heart. I can't count the times I have shed tears while listening to this song. It is very sincere. It is very heartfelt. It is brimming with feelings of longing. Of wanting to have someone to hold at the end… Continue reading music monday | end of a day by jonghyun


My source of happiness varies from day to day. It depends on my mood. Sometimes the littlest of things can make me so giddy. Other times, I can't even find a reason to smile. Today, I was particularly giggly. My early source of happiness was waking up to the sound of my sisters binge-watching DAY6… Continue reading Happiness