poetry | haiku #01

I wish I could cry The tears you are to let out Keep you floating high (11.14.2019)

music monday | end of a day by jonghyun

The piano. Jonghyun's voice. The lyrics. This song has a very special place in my heart. I can't count the times I have shed tears while listening to this song. It is very sincere. It is very heartfelt. It is brimming with feelings of longing. Of wanting to have someone to hold at the end… Continue reading music monday | end of a day by jonghyun


My source of happiness varies from day to day. It depends on my mood. Sometimes the littlest of things can make me so giddy. Other times, I can't even find a reason to smile. Today, I was particularly giggly. My early source of happiness was waking up to the sound of my sisters binge-watching DAY6… Continue reading Happiness

music monday | turning up by arashi

Ah! I don't know how to start but aaaaaaahhhh! ARASHI! Yesterday, they released this new single called Turning Up and premiered it on their YouTube channel. Yes! You're reading that right. They premiered it on their YouTube channel. Crazy, right? Who would have thought that we'd get to see the day when their music video… Continue reading music monday | turning up by arashi

sunday currently #02

So another month has begun. I just wasted four days doing nothing except reading mangas and manhwas. I think I need intervention already. Anyway, let's dive into my second sunday currently. Shall we? Currently Reading Unintentional Love Story manhwa. It's cute but I'm already anxious because of the premise of the story. There will be… Continue reading sunday currently #02